Thursday, April 17, 2014

Science Has NOT Cured Peanut Allergies!!!

When I tell people about my severe peanut allergy, I come across a lot of people who tell me peanut allergies have been cured.  They have been reading the headlines about studies. In reality peanut allergies have NOT been cured. Really. There is no cure for peanut allergies at this time. The recent studies describe a few hundred children in clinical trials that have been temporarily desensitized to small amounts of the peanut protein -for now, so far.  But in post-pubescent adults?  There are no promising studies, and no cure, in  science, at this time.  But there is always hope.  That is the sucky reality of a person like me. 

Why are people telling me this nonsense, that 'peanut allergies have been cured?'  Because people read about the promising results of experiments and studies and think the results apply to everyone with the affliction.  

Case in point: Vsauce2, a popular Youtuber with 2,715,924 subscribers.  In a recent video(his Mindblow #78 Youtube video, published on February 28, 2014), he states that:

"Peanut Allergies have Essentially been cured in 9 out of 10 kids with a new treatment that gradually escalates the amount of peanut protein the body can handle."

My rebuttal to Vsauce2:

How can you say 'peanut allergies have been cured?'  What about the 1 child in that group of 10 that was not cured?  This is a misleading thing to tell your millions of viewers, all of whom are science enthusiasts, and some of whom work in the restaurant industry. 

In my opinion this is a downright dangerous and offensive thing to say in a media publication or in a youtube video.  Someone is going to watch it, who works in a restaurant, and then assume peanut allergy is not a problem anymore, and then not take people's allergies seriously.  And when someone's allergies are not taken seriously by people who work in restaurants, that person's life is in danger.  Here are a couple of links to stories in which peanut allergic people have died after eating food from restaurants:

My message to Vsauce2 and the media:  Knock it off.  Don't publish headlines touting the "Cure" unless a cure to peanut allergies is actually found that works for all individuals, children and adults, stricken with this affliction.  

Every time I take a bite of food, my life is in danger.  I could die.  If the bite of food I eat has peanut protein, I could die in as little as 90 seconds.  This is not a condition to take lightly, nor is it fun.  This is a serious issue and a big deal.  Please refrain from these sensational headlines that could jeopardize people's lives.  

Thank you

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